View Full Version : How do you desync WW?

07-05-2008, 05:24 PM
After reading up on it from a number of sources, I'm a bit confused how to.

The very first time I saw it mentioned with WW was in a guide that said 115 frw was good enough to make chance desyncs. This lead me to believe that more FRW would give you a more dependable desync, so I figured 125-130 FRW would be ok.

I happened on a guide in JSP that mentions that any long WW will desync. If that's true, then the FRW I stacked is useless and I can put on more life charms, instead.

Another one, courtesy of hiya, is to leap long, WW as soon as you land, leap again and then WW when you land, when you do that WW will be desynced.

I always thought the theory on desync was based on speed...so the FRW made sense to me. If there are other factors with WW (I read WW is running speed server side and walk speed client side)...then I have no idea what to do to desync.